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Our Club

We have the distinction of over 25 years of international fitness experience, having opened more than 700 clubs in 19 countries, and now bringing all those experiences to the sunny shores of South Africa.

South Africa has waited a long time for a fitness club like Ignite Fitness to enter the market. It’s unique, it’s innovative and it’s more about the environment that is totally motivating and friendly.

Ignite offers awesome workouts that get results.

hereby creating a fitness community for like-minded fitness enthusiasts. We pride ourselves in having the best team of motivators (“WORKOUT BUDDIES”) who will deliver unique calorie burning, body changing workouts that will inspire you to lead a “Fitter, Faster, Stronger” lifestyle.

The Ignite Fitness experience is a true ultimate full body workout.


Our “train different” approach offers an alternative to the traditional workout with an array of ways for the entire body to sweat, move and burn differently through a full range of signature classes, specialised equipment and our defining “Arena” group workout concept.

In order to drive and inspire you to get fit, stay fit and stay motivated our facility design incorporates unique workout arenas, equipment ranging from the standard cardio, to the latest functional equipment to the newest and best new fitness trended pieces keeping you focused, interested and motivated. Each arena offers small personalised group instruction workout experiences and have been individually designed and constantly updated to ensure the ultimate full body workout experience for you and friends, incorporating high intensity cardio, strength, functional & interval training.

All of this at no additional cost.

If ONE2ONE instruction is your preferred way to workout, we have plenty on offer with a team of industry leaders waiting to show you the ropes and help you achieve that “beach body” look all year.

For the traditional gym-goers, our “workout buddies” are on hand to ensure you make the most of each visit and maximize your time and beat every expectation you have.

Personal Attention

Ignite Fitness has certified personal trainers. No matter what your training goals are — weight loss, strength training, boxing/kickboxing, functional training, mountain bike training or general fitness — we will help you find the right personal trainer to assist you in reaching your goals.

Based on your needs, our team of “WORKOUT BUDDIES” at Ignite will assist you with a personalized program, motivate and inspire you to achieve all you can.

Our team’s great attitude, one of a kind training facility and multitude of options will further ensure every visit is memorable and stepping you closer to that change required for you to take on the fitter and stronger lifestyle and body.

Our team are committed, now come down and lets get your sweat on.


PERSONALISED ATTENTION progams and workouts. Our workout buddies are committed to helping you achieve your goals and delivering the level of support you so require (no charge).

SMALL GROUP ARENA training offers you personalized attention that will push your results to a new level (no charge).

Latest in STUDIO CLASSES all day long (no charge).

ONE2ONE training specialists in different areas of fitness. Our trainers are ready and willing to help tailor a fitness program. Come, get busy (additional charge).


The equipment you will get to use at our club is there because it works and has been ergonomically designed with you, the member, in mind. Nothing less than the best. No gimmicks, just proven effective equipment.

Our philosophy is based on fun, not working out. We believe that exercise should be more about play, not work, and our whole approach is designed accordingly.

We provide engaging functional training solutions through our well design facilities and latest innovative fitness equipment with a major focus on range of experience and ensuring boredom is never a option.

Innovative, colourful functional equipment and workouts tailored and ever evolving is our signature.

Ignite Fitness offers a truly unique fitness solution, – with four simple focuses: equipment, flooring, design and training that will bring our club experience to life for each of our members.


Working together in a class with an instructor might just be the push you need to reach your goals.

Spinning Studio
Dance Studio

At Ignite it is our true passion to help you surpass not just your current level of fitness, but the level you never thought attainable.

To help you get there, our signature studio classes include:

Cardio Shock
Anything goes in this fat burning, heart pumping class. Cardiovascular training at its best.

Fight Club
Work on creating or enhancing your boxing skills. Great for cardio conditioning, as well as building strength and endurance through boxing drills, shadow boxing, kick-boxing, jump rope, and a variety of core strengthening exercises. Come with your gloves and wraps to participate.

Ab Attack
6-pack abs & a strong core! Hugo will give you a complete abdominal workout with results unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before.

Get whipped into shape with the latest in modern fitness training to help you reach for results. No corners to cut… just hard work, sweat and fun using Strength Ropes, Kettle bells, Body Bars and much more, set to the test with a clock, good music and all that you’ve got to give.

Counter Punch
Combine Thai and Kick Boxing basics in a strike combination class. Specialised coaches drill your technique through shadow boxing, heavy bags and focus pads to further your own fight training. Expect to sweat. BRING IT!

Lights Out
Take your training to a new level! This class is designed to help you learn the basics of boxing and improve your overall skill level. Come with your gloves and wraps to participate. Come ready to sweat!

Sweet Sweat
A no nonsense workout with cardio drills and strength exercises for a challenging, sports training experience. Reach your fitness goals and be prepared to SWEAT in this high-energy, high-intensity class.

F.I.T blends strength work, cardio drills and small equipment functional training. Challenges include repetition pyramids, time trials, providing fat loss, increased metabolism and muscular endurance.

Extreme functional training at its best! This combines high-intensity calorie burn with dynamic, functional exercises using ViPR, Body Bars, BOSUs and Kettle bells to sculpt and transform the body! Max effort, and EXTREME results!

Studio Cycling
A cardio workout on a stationary bike based on cycling principles. Classes are technique based and/or real terrain based and focuses on cadence, heart-rate zones, climbs & sprints that can make an unpredictable ride that is fun and challenging. Class for all fitness levels.

Power Spin
Cycle to the Beat of the music. This challenging and high intensity class is a great cardiovascular workout and experience. Cycling ‘out-of-the-saddle’ is an option for advanced cyclists.

Energy Ride
In this class that’s like a party with pedals attached, you’ll work your body to the high energy beats of rock, hip-hop, alternative, pop, and techno as you climb, sprint, and run.

Extreme Ride
This advanced 60-75 minute class challenges riders’ endurance and toughness. Extreme components include intervals of out-of-the-saddle riding, jumps and sprints. Beginners should speak with the instructor before class.

Our most athletic form of yoga. A vigorous, dynamic, physically and spiritually energizing form of yoga that sculpts, hones and tones every muscle in the body. Includes various elements of many different yoga styles.

Flowing sequences that are linked to the breath. Improves strength, flexibility and toning, decreases stress and enhances body awareness. A vigorous, more athletic approach to yoga.

This class will emphasize the development of strong core stability, breathing, flexibility and balance. It’s a full-body workout that strengthens and stretches simultaneously making it an extremely efficient option.

Step & Tone
A combination class to burn fat with toning exercises included to help you achieve the result you want. If you want to burn fat, tone up and get fit then this is the class for you.

This class combines athletic and/or dance based aerobic moves using an adjustable platform for diverse levels of intensity.

Step Groove
All step classes are not created equal! This combines traditional step moves with dance choreography for 60 minutes of non-stop groove.

Step Challenge
A classic, high intensity fat burning exercise using an adjustable platform. Faster and more intense than regular Step.

Burn Babe Burn
Using cardio equipment such as bikes, treadmills & steppers to get your heart racing. This class is designed to burn fat, increase your metabolism & get you fit.

Attitude Aerobics
Some say leave your attitude at the door, we say bring it to your workout. This free-spirited dance based cardio class will help you lose your inhibitions and let your inner diva run wild. No judgments and no rules guide this all-out crazy workout that kicks more sass than ass.

It’s a blast from the past! Work up a sweat with a touch of nostalgia in this heart-pumping, traditional aerobics class. This time around, leg-warmers are optional!

Dance Blast
A hot and sweaty dance party with the best hip-hop, and popular music. This non-stop, 60 minute workout will melt away fat while boosting your dance skills like never before.

This fun aerobic class is the hottest dance steps around, choreographed to funky music. Pure dance is a great cardio workout.

Boot camp is open to anyone who is serious about fitness. This military style class will push your fitness boundaries, help you lose weight, tone and become stronger and fitter.

Shrink Session
Shrink your thighs and expand your mind in this high-intensity class, featuring a combination of cardio-dance, kick-boxing and yoga. Serious doses of INSPIRATION and MOTIVATION are provided as you tone and tighten every muscle with this full body, sweat inducing workout.



Our 6 Arenas are life changing: Come down and find out why. This is the first time traditional commercial fitness combines the best of functional training, personal training, functional workouts and a boot camp atmosphere into one dynamite workout group session.

Tread & Shred: This will make you Fitter Faster Stronger.

Insanity: Unless you Puke, Faint or die … Keep going.

Shockwave: Sore today. Strong tomorrow.

Ripped: Don’t stop when it hurts. Stop when you are done.

StrikeFit: Hit the wall. Tear it down.

Chisel Factory: Sore, tired, out of breath … Good it’s working.



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Our flagship club is located at 122 St George’s Mall, Cape Town, 8001

Visit our sales suite in the “courtyard” of Food Lover’s Market in Newspaper House for incredible member savings.

Give us a call and we will organise a visit where our friendly and professional staff will show you what we are all about and get you started on your better way of life.


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